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Head Of Demand Generation (f/m/d), Germany
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Your mission Join our team as the Head of Demand Generation, reporting to the Chief Marketing Officer, and assume full responsibility for our lead generation objectives, devising cutting-edge strategies to stimulate demand within the enterprise automation sector.

You'll shift seamlessly between high-level strategic planning and closely collaborating hands-on with specialised agencies to bring your vision to life, guaranteeing a cohesive approach to strategy, execution, and swift adaptation across a multitude of marketing channels.

In this critical role, you will also direct our company toward embracing Generative AI to significantly boost productivity and preserve our competitive advantage through agility and swift execution.

Your profile Strategy: Ownership of Lead Gen Goals: Spearhead our lead generation strategy, taking full ownership of goals and deliverables, ensuring a steady pipeline of qualified leads.

Versatility and Creativity: Bring a versatile and creative approach to channel strategy, avoiding a siloed focus on single channels or tactics to foster a dynamic and integrated marketing environment.

Channel Strategy and Evaluation: Navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of marketing channels and platforms, always prepared to adjust and optimise strategies in response to algorithmic changes and platform updates.

Execution: Agency Collaboration and Oversight: Oversee and collaborate with top-tier, highly specialised agencies for each channel, ensuring that they are unlocking their full potential and leveraging Gen AI to alleviate bottlenecks and focus on message distribution.

Analytics & Performance Management: Utilise your analytical prowess to critically assess and pivot strategies, ensuring that the campaigns deliver on performance metrics and contribute to the company’s rapid growth.

Qualifications: Strategic Leadership: Demonstrated ability to lead demand generation strategies with a keen understanding of enterprise B2 B Saa S markets, especially in automation and with a strong AI focus.

Technology Leveraging: Capacity to utilise the latest technology, especially Gen AI, to achieve massive productivity enhancements in marketing efforts.

Rapid Implementation: A proven track record in fast-paced environments, showcasing swift strategic planning and implementation to keep up with market dynamics.

Agency Management: Skilled in managing relationships and outputs from specialised marketing agencies, ensuring they meet our ambitious demand generation targets.

Vision for the Team: Leveraging Gen AI: You will lead the use of Gen AI to revolutionise how our marketing teams operate, transforming content generation from a bottleneck to a strategic asset.

Focus on Distribution: With content creation streamlined, your focus will be on crafting and supervising the distribution of messages across channels, ensuring our presence resonates throughout the enterprise customer journey.

Staying Current: Keeping our strategies ahead of the curve by collaborating with agencies that specialise in staying up-to-date with the rapid changes of today’s marketing channels.

Your Role in Our Evolution: This role demands a dynamic individual who can ensure that our brand maintains omnipresence in our target market's journey, capturing demand effectively when the time is right.

As marketing evolves with Gen AI, you will be the leader who ensures that our marketing org and partners are fully harnessing its capabilities, positioning us as a forward-thinking player in the enterprise automation space.

What we offer A role at the forefront of marketing innovation within a growing Saa S company.

The opportunity to work with cutting-edge technology and top industry talent.

A flexible work environment that values speed, creativity, and efficiency.

A competitive salary with equity options, reflecting your critical role in our growth.

About us About Deep Opinion Deep Opinion is a well-financed and rapidly growing Saa S technology startup located in Innsbruck and Munich.

Deep Opinion is surfing the next wave of automation solutions that will enable companies to automate repetitive cognitive processes using AI/machine learning.

Our mission is to  free people from repetitive cognitive tasks so that their work is meaningful again, ultimately shaping the future of work.


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