Pcf (prediction Chain Facility) Algorithm Engineer (f/m/d), Taufkirchen, Bishop Gmbh

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Pcf (prediction Chain Facility) Algorithm Engineer (f/m/d), Taufkirchen, Bishop Gmbh
Germany, Bayern, Taufkirchen,
Veröffentlicht July 5, 2022


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Besetzung: Pcf (prediction chain facility) algorithm engineer (f/m/d)

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PCF (Prediction Chain Facility) Algorithm Engineer (f/m/d)

EGNOS is a satellite based European augmentation system for GPS signals and the upcoming

European navigation system Galileo. Currently the next generation EGNOS V3 is under development.

The jobholder is working as PCF (Prediction Chain Facility) Algorithm Engineer (f/m/d) and the main tasks are:

Defining and maintaining algorithms to assess RIMS receiver and observables to identify receiver satellite issues, and their effect on integrity and accuracy of the correction information determined by EGNOS

Verifying the behavior of the algorithms in front of defined failure cases, and determining the statistical behaviour

Implementing algorithm functions in interaction with PCF System Engineer in programming language C

Supporting integration of developed SW

Contributing to detailed data investigation

The candidate shall work autonomously and shall be able to analyse complex technical problems

Personnel requirements:

The candidate shall be able to analyse complex technical problems

Work style characterized by autonomy, proactive behavior and cooperation

Severely disabled applicants are given special status if they are equally qualified

taken into account.

Educational Studies

Mathematics at least Master's / Diploma / Bachelor degree


Informatics at least a Master’s / Diploma / Bachelor degree


Engineering at least Masters / Diploma / Bachelor degree



Required work experience

Aerospace at least over 3 years

Demonstrated experience in documentation for system concepts, test reports, software

development is required


MS Office at least knowledge of detailed functions

Profound knowledge of data processing and programming using C, Linux and Python is


Experience with satellite navigation systems architecture and applications would be beneficial

Linguistic proficiency

Business fluent English

German would be a plus

Required knowledge

Demonstrated experience in documentation for software and algorithm developments is needed


Ideally you hold a valid EU passport, if no EU passport we will sponsor excellent candidates for a work permit.

Sorry, Countries at odds with western Europe should not apply, at this time until the situation changes

Other Information

Munich - Welcome Center Germany (welcome-center-germany.com)

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