Senior Frontend Engineer - React (m/f/d), München, Laya Technologies

Veröffentlicht 2022-06-30
Läuft ab 2022-07-30
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Senior Frontend Engineer - React (m/f/d), München, Laya Technologies
Germany, Bayern, München,
Veröffentlicht June 30, 2022


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Besetzung: Senior frontend engineer - react (m/f/d)

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Job Description

As a (Senior) JavaScript Frontend Engineer at Laya Technologies, you’ll be responsible for building & maintaining fast, robust & scalable clients to shape the future of travel. This includes:

  • Creating new components & features for the Laya Technologies Trip Planning Platform
  • Building next-generation web applications with a focus on the client side
  • Design and implement modern frontend-architectures
  • Constantly improving our Frontend toolchain to stay up to date & fast
  • Working as a member of one of our cross-functional, agile teams
  • Continuously evaluate latest trends in JavaScript development


Job Requirements

  • Minimum three years of professional working experience
  • Experience developing user-facing web-applications using frameworks like React
  • Strong software development skills in JavaScript
  • Professional experience working with React.js, Redux & Webpack
  • Technical understanding of web technologies & RESTful services
  • Serious about code quality
  • Thorough understanding of eCommerce processes
  • Proficiency in English, excellent communication skills
  • A quick mind, pragmatic & a passion for solving tricky problems
  • Eager to thrive in a highly professional environment, move quickly & take ownership of your work

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    Laya Technologies
    Registriert auf October 7, 2017


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