System Engineer - Flight Management Systems, Manching, Hesys Technicalsystems Gmbh & Co Kg

Veröffentlicht 2022-07-01
Läuft ab 2022-08-01
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System Engineer - Flight Management Systems, Manching, Hesys Technicalsystems Gmbh & Co Kg
Germany, Bayern, Manching,
Veröffentlicht July 1, 2022


Auftragstyp: Vollzeit
Vertragstyp: Dauerhaft
Gehaltsart: Monatlich
Besetzung: System engineer - flight management systems

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HESYS has been an established AEROSPACE partner and engineering service provider for the international aerospace industry for decades and is active in many other areas of general high-tech industry.

Our long-term corporate strategy is aimed equally at satisfied employees and customers. We would therefore be pleased to welcome you to our highly qualified team at HESYS in the future.

For a project assignment with our well-known international customer in the high-tech sector in Manching, we are looking for you as a System Engineer for Flight Management Systems.


Concept and architecture engineering for flight management systems

Design and development of FMS and automation functions to support the integration of RPAS into general airspace

Design and development of flight guidance functions

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    Hesys Technicalsystems Gmbh & Co Kg
    Registriert auf October 7, 2017


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